Catholic Campus Ministry of Diocese of Laredo Texas
Catholic Campus Ministry of Diocese of Laredo Texas

Please call Adriana Morales

at 956-635-6587 

for more information on any of the events.


The Catholic Campus Ministry of the Diocesis of Laredo.

Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of college students wanting to deepen their faith by learning about the bible and our Catholic faith. These groups meet once a week every week for about an hour and they are run by 2 Newman Club members who have formation by Father Michael Therese.


If you would like to join a small group, please contact Alex Cavazos at 956-334-6364.

Rosary & Adoration

Mondays at 9PM we get together outside of St. Patrick's adoration chapel and pray the rosary and spend time at the adoration chapel afterwards. It is a time we cherish together forming our friendships through Christ. Everyone is welcome!

Eucharistic Adoration

Wednesdays we hold Eucharistic Adoration at the TAMIU campus from 9AM to 6PM. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Christ in the misdt of all the chaos snd stress that school and studies can bring!

You can stop by at any time for a visit, or you can schedule a time of day in which you will be assigned to visit every week.

Please call Alex Cavazos 956-334-6364 to schedule an appointment.

This event is held in the Student Center room 234.

Mass & Meal

For those attending LCC, on Wednesdays we offer Mass & Meal at the LCC Campus Ministry House. We enjoy daily mass and then enjoy a free home-cooked meal! This is a great opportunity to create and grow your community with love for Christ!

The mass is held in P134 and begins at 12:05 PM with confession available after mass.

This event was created especially for LCC students, but any and all are welcome!

Pizza Ecclesia

Thursdays is Pizza Ecclesia at TAMIU! We offer free pizza and discussions on topics such as:

Why do we like the Joker more than Batman?

What is a true hero?

Why do we need marriage?

Feel free to come up with your own questions to bring up for discussion!

This event takes place at 12:15 in the TAMIU green area outside Bullock Hall.

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