Catholic Campus Ministry of Diocese of Laredo Texas
Catholic Campus Ministry of Diocese of Laredo Texas

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry of the Diocese of Laredo.


We hope that you enjoy this website!  It should help you to stay in touch with what is going on in Catholic Campus Ministry of the Diocese of Laredo.  You can also use this website as a tool to deepen your Catholic Faith.

“To touch the hearts and minds of the young adults of Laredo, at the most critical moment in their lives, and bring them to faith, hope, and love in the person of Jesus Christ - this is our mission.”

Find out what we do

What we do is truly simple.  We seek to love God and be faithful to Him. Everyone must feel like they belong, so each is in a small group where they seek to hold each other up. We also have all kinds of events, whether it be traveling the world or deepening our souls.


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